Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dictionary a.k.a Best Buddy Ever

I laughed when I was told by my lecturer to always keep my Mr. Dicky a.k.a Dictionary by my side. In fact, i have to make it as my BFF...the bestest ever! Well, to think about it over and over again, i guess the idea is not that bad after all. You NEED to improve your VOCABULARY but at the same time you are way TOO LAZY TO READ english reading materials right? The easiest way to do is of course to read and memorize the words listed inside the English-English dictionary instead. You heard me. You got nothing to lose by the way. So when someone come sneaking behind you and smirking, you tell them that "If you have nothing better to say, buzz off! I am more interested to put my nose in the dictionary rather than looking at your face!" Hah! Suit yourself.